Introducing the Snuggle & Play Dress inspired by my feisty, littlest girl, Mary Anna, who loves being able to get dressed by herself every morning. The ease and comfort of the stretch knit top of the dress makes it simple for her to pull over her head, and adding a little embroidery to the front allows her to tell which side is front and which side is back. Really, I feel so lucky that I get to play around with all of the embroideries in the Skyline S9, especially because I contributed an embroidery collection that is part of the machine's design library! So I am always thinking of ways to include a little bit of embroidery in my patchwork and garment sewing for myself and my family. I kept the rest of the assembly and shape of the dress easy to sew and comfy to wear, for a go-to pattern that will keep up with your growing girl!

Enjoy & Happy Sewing,
xo Anna Maria

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