Beading Foot Set

The Beading Foot is designed to sew bead or pearl strands onto a garment or project. Available in two different sizes, a narrow groove for beads or pearls less than 2mm and a wide groove foot for beads or pearls 2.5mm ~ 4.0mm.

The beads or pearls are couched on top of the fabric using a zigzag stitch. The width and length of the stitch is adjusted according to the size of the beads or pearls.

Another option for using the Beading Foot set is to attach rat-tail cord or decorative braid to the edge of a finished project. Many times as sewists, once a project has been completed, we stand back and say "Something is missing. I wish I would have inserted some piping for a more dramatic look". The Beading Foot, will let you do just that.

Supplies Required:

  • Finished project with a edge to embellish
  • Rat-tail cord or decorative braid
  • Janome monofilament thread
  • #11/75 Blue Tip needle


  1. Wind a bobbin with monofilament thread.
    NOTE: Monofilament thread has a tendency to stretch as it is being wound on a bobbin. Either wind by hand or reduce the speed using the Speed Control Lever.
  2. Place monofilament thread in needle and bobbin holder.
  3. Snap on the Beading foot according to the cording size.
  4. Select stitch #8 (zigzag) - adjust the stitch width so that the right swing of the needle passes the width of the cord or braid.
  5. Leaving a tail, place the cord/braid in the groove of the foot. Butt the cord against the edge of the fabric. Stitch over the cord/braid, having the left swing of the needle piercing the project and the right swing going over the cord. The cording should lie flat against the edge of the fabric. Not on top of it.

Other stitch options:
#H 33 (cross stitch) 100% - Using contrasting thread and cord/braid.
#U 14 (shell tuck) - using monofilament thread on the top and bobbin. When used with rat-tail cording, it looks as if it has been inserted into the seam.

Stitch numbers given are for the Memory Craft 11000.

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