Using the AcuFil Calculator to print a quilting template

Using the AcuFil™ Calculator to print a quilting template

1. Select the AcuFil™ design that you would like to incorporate into your quilt.
2. Choose the “layout” icon (the icon on the right side).
3. Enter the dimensions of your quilt top. Press OK.

4. You can fine tune the placement of the embroidery stippling design on the Preview screen using the up/down arrows corresponding to the horizontal and vertical configuration. When satisfied, press OK.

5. Confirm the design and hooping dimensions on the Confirm screen.
6. Press the “File Save” button to send the design to your PC.

7. Choose the mode of transfer. You may choose to use a USB device, ATA card, or Direct PC Connection. If choosing Direct PC Connection, be sure that the machine is connected to your computer with the USB cord.
8. Save the design on your memory device.
9. On your computer, launch the AcuFil™ Print Tool.

10. Click Open, and select the design.
11. Print the document. You will print two pages. One page is a summary of the hoop layout and the second page is a template to use for individual hooping.

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