Using the AcuFil Quilting Hoop

  1. Print the template sheets and general arrangement with the AcuFil™ Print Tool.
  2. Identify the center of your quilt top. You will begin stippling in the centermost portion of the quilt and then neighboring sections outward.
  3. Mark the centerlines on the quilt top and mark an arrow head to indicate orientation.
  4. Place the template sheets on the quilt to check the general arrangement.
  5. Mark reference lines for the first section on the quilt top in the center.
  6. Position the quilt layers on the AcuFil™Quilting Hoop.
  7. Place the AcuFil™ template (with the arrow mark away from you) on the quilt and adjust the position of the quilt, aligning the reference lines to coordinate the quilt placement with the markings on the quilt.

  8. Set the quilt layers in the hoop by pressing down the AcuFil™ template.
  9. While still pressing down on the AcuFil™ Template, snap the magnetic clamps onto the hoop to secure the quilt layers into the hoop.
  10. Be sure to remove all pins and basting stitches from the quilting area before beginning stippling.
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