Binding Small Projects or Wall Hangings

The single fold binding is one of the most traditional and is suitable for tablerunners, placemats and wall hangings.

Supplies and Notions

  • A project ready for binding
  • Janome Sewing Machine
  • Blind Hem Foot G
  • Fabric for binding
  • All-purpose sewing thread


  1. All quilting on your project should be finished. Square up the project, trimming all layers (top, batting, backing) so that they are even. Before applying binding, sew a 1/4" around the outside edge. This will keep the fabric layers from shifting while binding is being applied. To reduce bulk in the seam, you may wish to trim the batting from the hem area.
  2. Measure the length of each side. (Opposite sides should be approximately the same length). Cut 4 strips of fabric 2 1/2" wide times the measurement plus 2". (Note: The strips are cut on the straight grain of fabric. It is a misconception that binding has to be cut on the bias. This is only necessary if the sides of your project are scalloped or curved. These instructions are for straight edge binding, not for curves.)
  3. On one edge of each of the strips, iron under 1/2".
  4. Place all-purpose sewing thread in needle and bobbin.
  5. Select a straight stitch. Snap on the "A" foot.
  6. Place the un-ironed raw edge of the strip to the wrong side of the project, having all raw edges even. Sew, from end to end, using a 1/2" seam allowance. (Note: If sewing with the Memory Craft 9000, use the Cloth Guide for straight 1/2" seams).
  7. Sew another strip to the opposite side.
  8. Wrap binding to the right side placing the folded edge of the binding just over the seamline. Pin in place.
  9. Snap on the "G" foot. Place the metal guide of the foot on the folded edge of the binding. Sew along the edge of the fold. (Note: Depending on the loft on the edge of the project, you may need to adjust the needle position to make sure you are sewing on the binding).
  10. Repeat for the opposite side.
  11. Trim binding ends even with the project.
  12. Sew the two remaining strips, having the binding extend 1/2" to 1" beyond the project at each end.
  13. To finish the four ends, fold the binding over twice to conceal the raw edge and slipstitch or machine stitch in place.
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