Join our Janome sewing professionals for expert tips to Sew Smarter every day! From the basics like perfecting a 1/4" Seam to advanced sewing math like making your own boxed corners, this series will help you up your sewing game by making the most of your Janome machine and accessories.

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Week 1: How to Sew Box Corners for Bags and More: Formulas to help you determine the cut width & height of your panel

In this tutorial from our friends at Sew4Home, you'll learn everything about how to make boxed cornered bags - including how to do the math to make your own! Liz Johnson breaks down all of the steps and tips to achieving this technique, including how to use your Overedge Foot and Even Feed Foot or AcuFeed Foot to make the process easy!

Click Here for Full Instructions on Creating Perfect Box Corners

Box Corner Formula Reference Sheet

Box Corner Video - How to Pin Fabric for a Box Corner

Box Corner Video - Going from 2D to 3D 


Week 2: Exploring Ways to Use the Bi-Level Foot

How many ways can you think of to use Janome's new Bi-Level Foot now available for 9mm and 7mm machines? Janome Educator Danielle Amato walks you through many uses of this foot which is higher on the left than the right. She'll talk about perfect top stitching, patch pockets, and attaching webbing to bags.



Bi-Level Foot Video

Week 3: Machine Binding 101

Join Miriam Coffey as she teaches everything you need to know about sewing quilt bindings! Do you find traditional quilt binding to be tedious? Miriam breaks down all the amazing Janome accessories that will help you finish your bindings more efficiently and precisely! Miriam also explains how to sew perfect quilt binding corners, and an easy way to sew your quilt binding ends together! Miriam is using 2 1/2” wide binding strips. 

Click Here for Feet Options for Attaching your Binding 


Machine Binding 101 video

Week 4: Two Options for Yarn Couching

Janome Educator Christina Dolinar is here to teach you all about yarn couching! The Free Motion Couching Foot works like other free motion feet with the addition of small grooves that allow cording, yarn, or threads to pass underneath the presser foot. Two different feet are included to match your material's thickness.Add unique design details with yarn couching on denim jackets, pillow covers, and more! Christina explains step by step how easy it is to set up your machine for free motion yarn couching and get sewing!


Two Options for Yarn Couching Video

Week 5: How to Use the Janome Piping Foot

Piping adds a sophisticated edge to any project. In addition to finishing edges beautifully, it also adds structure and support to home decor, bags, or garment projects. But don't worry! This high end detail is easy to add with the right foot! In this week's video, JP Alfano will show you how to use the Piping foot to easily add piping to your projects!


How to Use the Piping Foot Video

Week 6 Free Motion

Week 6: Introduction to Free Motion Basics

Free Motion quilting can be an intimidating concept for a beginner, but Janome Educator Kate Quinn will break down how to acheive this technique even on a basic machine. You can use a Darning Foot or Convertible Free Motion Foot Set compatible with your machine and get starter today!


Introduction to Free Motion Basics

Week 7: Introduction to Dual Feed

Miriam Coffey explains when you would want to use Dual Feed, Walking Foot, or Janome's AcuFeed Flex system. Dual Feed is also known as Even Feed or Walking foot quilting. Dual Feed feet have feed dogs on the foot, that work together with the feed dogs on your machine to evenly grab all layers of your project evenly as it sews. Dual Feed is not only for quilting, it is also used for sewing multiple layers of fabric together, whether it's something like quilting cotton, knits, faux fur, velvet or vinyl!


Introduction to Dual Feed

Week 8: A Step By Step Guide to Ruler Work

Janome Educator Kate Quinn walks you through everything you need to know about Ruler Work! Ruler Work quilting is similar to free motion quilting, but using templates, or rulers, to guide you as you quilt along. It’s fun and a lot easier to do than you would think! Kate shares all the tools and tips you need to get started. 

Click Here for Printable Instructions


A Step By Step Guide to Ruler Work

Week 9 Zipper Feet

Week 9: An In-Depth Look at Janome's Zipper Feet Options

Master every stitch with our in-depth tutorial on utilizing Janome's array of zipper feet for seamless sewing perfection. From concealed to standard zippers, we've got you covered! Danielle Amato walks you through their many uses, including how to use the Janome AcuFeed Zipper Foot! 


An In Depth Look At Janome's Zipper Feet Options 

Week 10: Understanding and Achieving the Perfect Scant 1/4" Seam

Janome's National Spokesperson Kimberly Einmo shows us how to perfect your 1/4" seams! Kimberly will review the Janome 1/4" piecing feet and how to conquer the elusive scant 1/4" seam once and for all! 

Understanding and Achieving the Perfect Scant 1/4" Seam 

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