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By: paulcushing
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shank type

  1. MC12000

    I have just purchased the MC12000 a week ago. It has the latest Horizon Link of Ver. 1.10 as well as Ver 1.10 for the MC12000. I am having the dickens of a time trying to send designs directly from my PC to the MC12000. My operating system is Windows 7. I don't have the Janome software except for the Horizon Link which comes with the machine. I don't see any point in purchasing another software since I have the Bernina digitizing full version 6 software for my Bernina 830 as well as the Viking version 4 for my Designer SE.
    Can anyone help me out here? I contacted Janome help website, but can't seem to get the correct help from them. What they told me, I had already done - reinstalled and reinstalled quite a few times. I am rather frustrated. I do manage to, however, send designs to the USB drive and take that to the MC 12000. Any help from the forum experts would be very much appreciated.
    Posted: Dec 22 2012 By: msborneo
  2. MC12000

    I think if you have done everything that the instruction say and you have contacted Janome you should really take your computer (hopefully you have a laptop) and your machine to your dealer and have him do the link for you.

    I am not aware that too many have had issues with the installation so perhaps you may have something else going on.

    There have been 2 updates for the Horizon Link and the machine. One in December 2011 and the second for both the machine and the Horizon link in June. Are you sure both updates have been installed, expecially the one in June which was for the HL and the machine. Many of the dealers did not do the HL update when they updated the machine in June 2012.

    Posted: Dec 22 2012 By: MOM
  3. MC12000

    I don't know Mom. I presume since I just got the MC12000 a week ago together with the Horizon Link, I presume it's the latest CD that Janome has included in the package. I know it said, version 1.10 for both the software and the MC12000 when I checked.
    Thanks for your help. I don't know what else I can do. I have a desk top unfortunately. May just have to settle in sending the designs to the USB flash drive. Sigh :-(
    Posted: Dec 22 2012 By: msborneo
  4. MC12000

    The flash drive method works fine. Just be sure that your memory stick is not larger that 2G. Bigger ones may work but take forever to scroll through. BTW, if you used compact flash cards on previous machines, be aware that the USB sticks are much, much slower.

    Posted: Dec 22 2012 By: devilcat
  5. MC12000

    Out of curiosity, I just want to make sure you are using the cord to plug into the computer as well as the machine when you are trying to transfer your designs.
    Posted: Jan 01 2013 By: Sewingbunny
  6. MC12000

    I've had those same issues where I couldn't send designs directly from Computer to MC12000, make sure the proper driver is installed on your machine...may be a little icon seperate from horizon link...just click on driver icon and install..that should work.
    Posted: Jan 02 2013 By: jcy
  7. MC12000

    After you put the Horizon Link on your machine, you should see an icon that looks like a paddle and under it, is Jsmc859inst, click on that and do what it says. Then you can hook the computer to the smachine and the machine to the computer and talk back and forth.
    Posted: Jan 02 2013 By: jsm1144
  8. MC12000

    Is the 12000 a low shank or high shank machine? I am looking for a 3/16" cording foot but can only find it in a low shank version.

    Posted: Feb 14 2014 By: paulcushing
  9. MC12000

    It's a high shank but the snap part is wider than the other high shanks. The 12000 has a 9mm width. If you want to use a cording foot (the snap on type) you have to get a high shank for 7mm width machines but then be very careful since your needle could go out beyond where the foot has holding power. Alternatively you can use a zipper foot-the 12000 zipper foot (either regular or Acufeed) and they are great!!
    Posted: Feb 14 2014 By: jsm1144
  10. MC12000

    Thanks jsm, I will try the zipper foot and see how that works.

    Posted: Feb 14 2014 By: paulcushing
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