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By: BevM
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Apple or PC with 15000
Must we use Apple, or can we use PC with 15000

  1. Apple or PC with 15000

    Thinking about a Janome 15000 in the future. Noticed that some recent deals included an iPad with purchase. Is Apple software needed for the 15000, or can we use any other brand of tablet with it?
    Posted: Feb 21 2014 By: BevM
  2. Apple or PC with 15000

    No, only the iPad will work with the 15000, but all the other software, such as Horizon Link Suite is for a PC computer. At the moment Janome is giving an iPad with the purchase of a 15000, but for how long that offer will last is anyone's guess.

    Posted: Feb 21 2014 By: CherylAnn
  3. Apple or PC with 15000

    You can use a regular PC with the 15000 and wirelessly, too. Actually the Horizon Link Suite is better than the Apple (sorry don't mean to sound negative) but with the PC you can do more things with the designs-access them directly rather than downloading them through the sync. It really works well. The iPad is nice for monitoring so you don't have to sit right at the machine.
    Posted: Feb 25 2014 By: jsm1144
  4. Apple or PC with 15000


    What I like about the iPad is the ability to watch the design stitch out. My 15000 is such a reliable machine that I am not afraid to leave it do it's thing when embroidering. I do however, turn the speed down - if I'm not watching it doesn't need to be fast. I don't make a habit of leaving the machine but there are times when I must. Another experience that I had was giving the iPad to my 8 year old grand daughter and 5 year old grand son, to pick out a design to stitch out. The spent a fair bit of time and were occupied finding designs they liked to have stitched out. When the design was picked we came to the computer to get it ready to print out a template as it was going on a t-shirt front before sewing up the t-shirt. These kids love to sew as their mother (my son's children) is home schooling and sewing is part of their education. Ava is very competent - I'm thrilled with what she can do at 8 years old. Gerald entered a stuffed animal that he designed and sewed in our exhibition and he took the "Showcase" award and a $50 gift certificate in the kids area - he had only just turned 5 years the month before. Their mother DOES NOT do their work but she is very patient and helpful to them.

    Posted: Feb 25 2014 By: CherylAnn
  5. Apple or PC with 15000

    (you can watch it stitch out on a PC too!)
    Posted: Mar 14 2014 By: jsm1144
  6. Apple or PC with 15000

    How JSM? Didn't know you could watch it stitch out on a PC .
    Posted: Mar 15 2014 By: judy282
  7. Apple or PC with 15000

    I haven't seen how you can watch the design stitch AS IT IS sewing on a PC. The iPad is "real time" sewing now a simulation. It also tells you when to change thread colours, if the thread breaks and so on. Exactly the same message as is on the screen of the sewing machine.

    JSM - do you own a 15000?

    Posted: Mar 16 2014 By: CherylAnn
  8. Apple or PC with 15000

    Cheryl, as you know I don't own a 15k machine, but I can receive real time reports, video streaming, web cam coverage. Real time monitoring using a PC has been around for a long time, my son set up up system to monitor his son using a pip (picture in picture) display on his PC monitor.
    Posted: Mar 17 2014 By: digimad
  9. Apple or PC with 15000

    Hi, We could watch a design embroider out with the 12000 through Horizon Link. This is also available on the 15000 through Horizon Link Suite. I have done it as I have both machines. You have to be connected via the USB not wireless to your PC. Send the design & then select REMOTE ON/OFF on the HOME tab in the Emb Link Tool> Editing Embroidery Designs.
    Posted: Mar 17 2014 By: pandasew
  10. Apple or PC with 15000

    When you open the Suite-it's the first selection of the choices
    Posted: Mar 18 2014 By: jsm1144
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