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My latest garment
Sewing for a wedding

  1. My latest garment


    We married off our oldest daughter, yesterday. She sewed her own wedding gown, with lots of coaching by mother. I sewed the bridesmaid dress for her 2 sisters and they all turned out beautiful and my 3 slim girls looked gorgeous. I also made my dress and Thursday night when I finished - I hated the dress, the way it looked and was in panic mode. After I got my nails done, I had about an hour until my next appointment on Friday (this is the day before the wedding) so I went to a store and bought a dress and some nice accessories. Saturday morning, decided I try the dress I made once again - it looked so nice with this new jewellery that I wore it. Got lots of compliments on ALL the dress - 3 little granddaughters as well. Another success story in marrying off my 3 daughters in 10 years.

    The wedding dress suffered an "oops" when she nicked the full skirt with the serger. Mom to the rescue, found a little open bird design in my 12000. We embroidered 11 onto the skirt and no one but us girls knew the "oops" existed. The little bird came in handy for the pillow that her baby daughter (3 ½ months) was to present the rings to her Mom and Dad to exchange vows. Mom to rescue the night before the wedding after rehearsal, made this little cushion to let the bride have a bit of a reprieve. I didn't to any of the cooking or food prep - not my thing at all - hubby did that.

    All turned out well, but I am glad it is over. Told my 3 girls that, this is it - they are on their own now. I'll only sew for the grandkids and me. Selfish old witch, aren't I.

    Cheryl Content is edited
    Posted: Jul 29 2012 By: CherylAnn
  2. My latest garment

    Congratulations! I wish we could post pics on this forum! I'm glad all turned out well.
    Posted: Jul 30 2012 By: oddduck25
  3. My latest garment


    Yes, you are amazing and an inspiration. Can we see the pictures?
    Posted: Jul 30 2012 By: Sewingbunny
  4. My latest garment

    Forget the photos, where were our invites!
    Cheryl post some pics in the groups album area, oddduck and I think Sewing bunny are members, if they aren't they SHOULD be, and we can admire them.
    love mags
    Posted: Jul 30 2012 By: digimad
  5. My latest garment

    I've put up 5 photos in the group album, Maggie. I don't have one of me but I saw one of hubby and I walking her down the aisle on Facebook - don't know how to get it into my personal album on the computer. Perhaps if I tag it, you can see it on my wall.

    Posted: Aug 02 2012 By: CherylAnn
  6. My latest garment

    Just saw them in the album Cheryl, they all looked beautiful. I liked what your daughter did with her dress, thought that was a nice idea echoing the colour of the bridesmaids dresses in her dress. I smiled when I saw the bridesmaids dresses, I had 2 or 3 dresses of that style when I was 18, styles haven't changed that much in the intervening 5 decades have they.
    Posted: Aug 02 2012 By: digimad
  7. My latest garment

    Maggie, They say, what goes around, comes around and I guess that is what is happening with fashion.

    The wedding gown had a serger disaster, Mom to the rescue with the embroidery machine. No one knew except the few that she showed the "oops" to. As it turned out, we used the little redwork bird on the cushion that carried the rings.

    The echo did present a bit of problem as it had some stretch and wasn't the good quality that the bridal satin was. She phone me numerous times with, "Mom, what do I do, it is poking out here or there." I would say, just take an pinch it in to see what you need to do for it lay flat - she did a good job. We weren't smart enough to stabilize it before she cut and sewed.

    Posted: Aug 02 2012 By: CherylAnn
  8. RE: My latest garment

    Congratulations! A daughter's marriage surely leaves a huge void in a father's life. I was happy looking at the smile on her face when she got married 2 months ago. helped us to organize her wedding. Content is edited
    Posted: Oct 11 2021 By: kyoshima
  9. RE: My latest garment

    That dress was sewed 9 years ago. Can't believe that there is a little brother who is already 5 that was born to the bride for this post. He is the youngest of 13 grandchildren and the oldest is 28, and there is 12 years between him and his first cousin. Now I sew specialty things for my youngest daughter, and have made a few quilts for some of the kids, with still lots to go.

    I have been very lazy these last few years, but I really need to get in the zone and make my machines 5 of them set up do some work for me - OH BUT THEY NEED A DRIVER.

    Posted: Oct 12 2021 By: CherylAnn
  10. RE: My latest garment

    oh woaaw ,, congratulations CherylAnn :)
    Posted: May 05 2022 By: clov99
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