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Leather thickness w/MC8200
My wife has an MC8200 that she got from Santa last year. What is the approximate limit on leather "weight" (thickness) of leather that can be safely/practically sewn on an MC8200 machine? The manual merely mentions leather once, but gives no guidelines on doing so. I am assuming it's a fairly thin limit, but maybe the machine is stouter than I think.

  1. RE: Leather thickness w/MC8200

    I think that she should "experiment" using various thickness proceeding very carefully. You definitely don't want to something too thick as leather can be soft or very stiff and definitely fits under the presser foot comfortably. Take things slowly, so that you don't labour the machine or break the needle. Hand wheeling is a good thing to try to see how the needle penetrates the leather or any fabric for that matter. Common sense will be your guide. The motors on the Janome machines are very strong and good.

    Posted: Jan 03 2020 By: CherylAnn
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