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Bobbin Case 8900 QCP
I am having continuous trouble with my bobbin case rattling & jumping around, thus catching the needle, jamming up and making a horrible sound. When this happens, and it happens often, the bobbin case is ruined. When I change the bobbin I'm always having to reset the bobbin case back down into the machine, as it jumps up on the lip. When I'm sewing I notice the thread looks wound around the bobbin. Also, the needle threading hook does not always line up with the eye of the needle. I've had it in for repair several times. They cannot find anything wrong with it. Last night was the last straw. I was trying to add a zipper and it jammed up and broke the needle. I am not sewing through thick material, manly cotton or cotton blends, lined occasionally with low loft batting. I sew mainly with my Juki 1541 walking foot machine and embroidery on my Brother 1050X. I'm not asking much of this machine and still it does not, has never worked well. I'm at a loss, other than eating the two grand I paid for it and all its stuff and buying a $150 machine at Costco to install zippers!

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    I think that something is out of timing on your machine. It might have happened when you broke a needle, or when the bobbin case spun out of its holding spot. You really need to take your machine in to your dealer to have it checked out.

    When you thread the machine, be aware of the thread in the "take-up lever" as this spot sometimes gets missed OR for some reason pops out. It will make a slight click as the thread engages. Open the door on the side of your machine and watch as you thread it - at least until you are very familiar with the threading process. I'm not at all implying that you don't know how to thread your machine, just that you are aware of this being a problem that some folks have - me included in years gone by. We sometimes take things we've done for years for granted and forget the problems that can occur as a result.

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