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By: Aobryhim
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I am new to this machine and Janome and have a couple of questions.

Is it possible to increase the size of the letters when creating a monogram with this machine?

If I wanted to use a walking foot, which one would be appropriate for this machine?


  1. RE: MC6650

    The walking foot - I think you need to check this with your dealer, if one didn't come with your machine.

    Unfortunately, I don't recall that this is an embroidery machine, so NO the size of the font cannot be changed. There may be a "small, medium, and large" setting but that would be all you can do. This means that you can sew to a 7mm size, as you can in zig zag or decorative stitching mode, unless your machine has the 9mm stitch width as it's maximum. The new Janome's at the top end of the lines have the 9mm settings. I am not sure where the 6650 fits into this grouping. I used to be able to keep track of all of the machines (just had the interest as a home sewist), but there are far too many these days and new ones launching a couple times a year. I also own more TOP machines than any one person should, but I love them all.

    Once you have mastered the basics, you'll love your Janome 6650. Go through your manual and try out some things - that's the best way to learn.

    Posted: Oct 04 2020 By: CherylAnn
  2. RE: MC6650

    I also just purchased this machine. I think the 6700p is the newer model of this machine. I've tried to find accessories based on the part numbers listed for manual for the 6700P. I'm just trying to find the knee lifter and can't find it any where on the site. Everything I find that I think might work says "this does not fit your 6650", even when it is listed as a machine that it works with. So, I've learned not to believe it when it says it does not fit. I think the walking foot that fits this machine may be Dual feed foot holder 859817015. Janome doesn't call anything a "walking foot". On the webpage that has the 6650, you will find a list of "optional" accessories . ing/mc6650/ However, the accessories list doesn't link to the actual accessories, so you can't find the part number. Also, the knee lifter that I want isn't even listed as an additional accessory even though the machine clearly has a knee lift.
    Posted: Oct 13 2020 By: gypowers
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