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Warranty Support
I bought my HD 3000 through Amazon less than a year ago. I am having issues with the needle and thread jambing in the feed dogs. I took it to the local dealer for repair but they don't support the warranty. How do I get reimbursed?

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    You probably cannot have warranty covered as you did not buy from a registered Janome Dealer. Dealers aren't reimbursed for warranty work on machine that they do not sell, only on the ones that came into their stores and they sell to a customer. Now having said that, some dealers will do warranty work, as they look at the customer that walks through their doors as a "potential" continuing customer - that's what is "good customer" service.

    You should check to see "who" the dealer was that supplied Amazon with the machine that you purchased - not all items come from Amazon, but other business that sell through Amazon. If that is the case for what you purchased you may be lucky and could send your machine to them to have it serviced, or they might give you some credit for the cost you incurred. I'm not sure about returning things to Amazon, but you could also try that.

    Another thing is that if your machine is a year old, you may not get service on the particular thing that happened to cause your machine to not function correctly, as it may be considered "wear and tear" by just general usage.

    It can be a wicked world, so "buyer beware" - you might only get the service you pay for by using a registered dealer.

    Posted: Aug 27 2021 By: CherylAnn
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    Posted: Oct 30 2021 By: CherylAnn
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