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By: Anita87
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Sewist 725S - button sewing problem
When I try to sew on a button using my Sewist 725S machine, the thread coming from the bobbin gets jammed. Does anyone know why this is happening?

  1. RE: Sewist 725S - button sewing problem

    Check that the machine is threaded correctly - both top and bobbin area. That should always be your first check point if the sewing isn't correct or you have a thread jam of any kind.

    For sewing on buttons, first check your manual for machine settings - lowering of feed dogs, etc. There is a special foot I think the "T" foot that will snap on to the same shank that your "A" foot goes on. It may have been included in the ones you got with your machine, but if not you can get one from your dealer - worth every penny IF you sew buttons on by machine. It holds your button and you have good visibility to see what is happening when you lower your needle into the first hole and then by hand wheel over to the second to see that the Zigzag is the right width - then you can hit the gas but not too fast, so that the stitches can form as the upper thread passes through the bobbin area and the needle comes up.

    When you are setting up the machine to sew a buttonhole check that the Zigzag is stitching and forming nice stitches, especially if this is your first time. If the Zigzag isn't working properly, you won't make a proper buttonhole either.

    Give it a try again. If it still doesn't work, your machine might need a "spa day" at your local dealer to get it working nicely for you. I suggest you call before you go, to see how long it might take to get it working again.

    Posted: Apr 17 2022 By: CherylAnn
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