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Bobbin winding issues MC 9850
I just bought a Memory Craft 9850 and I'm having trouble with bobbin winding. It's a bit embarrassing. I have made sure that I have the thread set up correctly. When I push the bobbin to the right, the visual touch screen keeps showing "No Bobbin". The manual doesn't show me what to do about this problem. Is there anyone that can give me some direction? Please help!

  1. RE: Bobbin winding issues MC 9850

    When you go to wind your bobbin, make sure that the bobbin is on the spindle correctly. There is a little notch that has to line up with the spring on the spindle. It will make a little click sound when you turn the bobbin to make sure it gets engaged. Also you need to watch some videos - there are lots on YouTube and your machine will wind in a similar fashion to a Janome 15000, Skyline S9, or even the earlier machine like the 10000, Continental M7 - any of them. The top of the line usually have more, but even my old Janome 6000, wound a bobbin in the same general fashion as my newest Continental M17 does.

    Posted: Nov 02 2022 By: CherylAnn
  2. RE: Bobbin winding issues MC 9850

    The only electrical machine in my collection is a Memory Craft 6000 from Janome, which I avoid since I can't fix electronics. But I made an exception because this one has a reputation for being rather invincible. I bought it at geometry dash meltdown
    Posted: Feb 16 2023 By: jeremygreen
  3. RE: Bobbin winding issues MC 9850

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    Posted: Feb 23 2023 By: Mnioas
  4. RE: Bobbin winding issues MC 9850

    Mnioas, Do you do this before winding a bobbin? I am having a hard time understanding what you are referring to. If what you have to say isn't about sewing or your sewing machine, why are you posting here?

    Posted: Feb 24 2023 By: CherylAnn
  5. RE: Bobbin winding issues MC 9850

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  6. RE: Bobbin winding issues MC 9850

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