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550e bobbin thread weight
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What is the best weight of thread for my 550e? I have read online that 90 is suggested, however I see Janome brand thread for bobbins is 120. Which is the best way to go? I have so many bobbin thread issues in the 9 months I have had this machine and I am seriously regretting this purchase

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    It's always best to use the recommended thread weight for your machine and project to ensure the best quality and prevent any issues with tension, thread breakage, mapquest driving directions, or other problems.
    Posted: Apr 13 2023 By: celinedion
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    The best weight for your subject 550e depends on many factors such as vehicle type, contexto intended use, expected mileage, terrain, and your own requirements.
    Posted: Apr 18 2023 By: emmausa
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    Check to see if the thread you are using is compatible with your ovo game machine if you have been having issues with your bobbin thread. To see if it makes a difference, you can also experiment with changing the tension settings on your machine or using a different kind of thread.
    Posted: May 14 2023 By: drewbinsky
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