AcuStitch Software

AcuStitch software gives you the ability to convert stitches into embroidery patterns and shapes. This software has several shapes and configurations to choose from, like polygons, circles, and ellipses, as well as straight lines and squares. 

Easy-to-use functionality

Designs can be created automatically with simple settings. Corner alignment, center alignment, start point, and endpoint alignment can also be done automatically. By simply changing the angle setting, you can create arcs and variations of your design. 

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AcuStitch is a standard included accessory with the following models

Memory Craft 550E Limited Edition

Memory Craft 500E Limited Edition

AcuStitch | Part Number: 202429001
This accessory works with the following models:
AcuStitch Software (Online Download) | Part Number: 202465009
This accessory works with the following models: