Ready-to-Quilt Training Panels by PatternJam

Why waste time and materials constructing a beautiful quilt top and then worry about learning to free motion on it? You could also buy a practice sheet, but at the end, you've spent all day quilting with just a piece of fabric and random quilting on it. Instead of throwing time and money into quilts that are either too pretty to practice on or practice tops that don't amount to a finished product, why not practice on a Learn-to-Quilt-Panel from Janome and PatternJam? This full printed 54" x 68" marries high quality cheater quilt tops with practice tracing lines to help you learn to free motion quilt. When you're done, you'll have a finished quilt that you can gift or use in your home. 

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Ready-to-Quilt Training Panels by PatternJam | Part Number: RTQ-PANEL1
This accessory works with the following models: