M7 Cloth Guide

The Janome M7 Cloth Guide

Cloth guides come in all shapes and sizes – from a piece of tape stuck to your sewing machine to a flange on the side of a foot. But they have one thing in common: they make it easier to sew a consistently even seam width.

The ever-ingenious engineers at Janome have created a truly unique Cloth Guide design that allows for maximum fabric surface contact and visibility. Janome currently offers this special Cloth Guide as a standard accessory for the Continental M17 Professional sewing and embroidery machine. 

This unique accessory is now available for all Continental M7 Models. 

The M7 Cloth Guide features an easy-to-use snap-in design. This guide works with the hook cover plate located on the top of the M7 sewing bed. To use just remove the plastic see-through hook cover plate, align the Cloth Guide with the tabs, and snap it in place. The guide creates a rigid and reliable surface for aligning your fabric as you sew.

It's just that easy! Just snap the guide in, set your measurement on the bar, and sew! No need to measure or mark your fabric.

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M7 Cloth Guide | Part Number: 868827005
This accessory works with the following models: