AcuFeed Flex Professional Grade Foot (HP2)

This foot provides superior visibility and is great for curves and precise topstitching. It holds fabrics firmly in sync with the feed dogs to achieve professional results. For use in combination with Professional Grade Needle Plate (HP).

Professional Design: Great for curves and precise topstitching due to the narrow foot width with superior visibility provided by the shape of the slit at the front of the foot.

Feed performance: Provides smooth feeding of top layer of fabric in sync with bottom layer for quilting and sewing leather or vinyl.

Matching the edge of the fabric against the edge of the foot will give you a perfect 1/4" seam allowance.

*Note: This foot ALSO works on the Janome Skyline S9-Indigo version with machine software update. This machine has a darker indigo blue accent color than version 1 which had light blue accents.  For the machine software update, click here.

AcuFeed Flex professional grade foot HP2 | Part Number: 202415004
This accessory works with the following models: