Sewing French Seams

This tip comes courtesy of Carol Crocker-Ware of Carol's Sewing Corner 

As a garment sewist, it seems like a thing we do. We plan, but make our outfits the night before we need them. Making garments for others, well that's different! lol!  We prep for months or weeks before - what pattern will I choose, will I draft a pattern, what fabric is in my stash, should I buy fabric, etc.? Then life sets in, and before you know it, it's time to go.

Carol decided to make a jumpsuit out of a very silky and drapey fabric. The fabric was very fussy and required French seams. Since the fabric was so delicate, she used her  Memory Craft 15000. And also used her Airthread 2000D to serge the bodice.

After it was all set and done she realized this fabric required extra care and French seams going forward.

Follow along by following the link here. Enjoy!!

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