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The Quilt Maker Pro 18 Versa offers even more quilting options to you with its compact size & versatility of use. The Versa is a stationary quilter that can be set up as a stand-up table or adjusted to allow sewists to quilt in the seated position.

The Versa offers many of the same features as our other longarms, but what makes this model stand out is the built-in Versa Stitch Regulation that comes standard as part of the quilting table, along with the adjustable table height from 25.5” up to 39.5”. The table has a surface area of 31.5” x 36”, and paired with the 18” throat space plus 8” of vertical space, sewists will enjoy quilting any project.

Step up to longarm quilting and into a new world of possibilities. 

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Key Features
18” of throat space and 8” of vertical space
Adjustable table height from 25.5” to 39.5”
Paired with the exclusive Versa Table with built-in Versa Stitch Regulation
  • Adjustable table height from 25.5" to 39.5"
  • 2,200 Stitches per minute
  • Smooth top for easy free motion quilting
  • 31.5” x 36” full table surface
  • From 4 up to 22 precision stitches per inch
  • Precision or Cruise stitch regulation modes
  • Needle-stop position control
  • Low-bobbin estimator and alarm
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • 18” of throat space and 8” of vertical space (Four times the quilting space of the average home sewing machine)
  • Baste Stitch
  • Digital Tension Setting
  • Timer and Stitch Counter
  • Overspeed alarm
  • LED lighting
  • USB Port for Machine Software Updates
Model Comparison
Quilt Maker Pro 18 Versa
Long Arm Quilter
Machine Arm Length 18"
Machine Height Adjustable table height from 25.5” to 39.5”
Quilting Area 31.5” x 36” full table surface
Maximum Speed 2,200SPM
Stitch Regulation Yes
Manual Speed Mode Yes
Stitches Per Inch 4-22 stitches per inch
Basting Stitch Options Yes
Thread Stand Yes
Tension Easy thread set tension
Handlebars No
Screen Display Yes
Power Switches 2
Lighting Built in LED lighting
Lighting Locations Light Ring
Included Feet
Laser Light Optional
Bobbin Aluminum, Class M
Low Bobbin Sensor Yes
Rotary Hook Yes
Stitch Counters Yes
Needle Stop Position Control Yes
Timers Yes
Built-in Diagnostics Yes
Cast Aluminum Molding Sewing Head
Language Options
Dual Voltage 80v - 240v No
Warranty Yes
Quilt Loading
Frame Size
Leg Height Adjustment No
Feet Adjustment Digital
Frame Material Metal
Cord Guide Holds Yes
Ratchet System Yes

Does a nice job
Monday, December 26, 2022

As one of the most reasonably priced mid-arms is does a good job. I bought it for the stitch regulator and am happy with the result. There are a couple of issues, however. You are supposed to oil the hook every two bobbin changes. While it may be a good idea this is a job that requires getting under the machine and the use of a flashlight. It is almost impossible to lube he machine from the topside. Doing so requires pulling the table insert out and removing the needle plate. This is the only machine I've had that didn't have easily accessible oil ports. Another issue is inserting the bobbin. Once again it can't be done from the topside. Doing so requires reaching into a narrow tunnel about 10" under the table. This is very cumbersome. Then there is the instruction manual. I have both a Horizon 8200 and Continental M7. Their manuals are quite extensive and lengthy covering every operational detail. The Versa 18 manual is much briefer and skims over every feature making the assumption that you are already familiar with the long arm concept. I wonder if Janome actually makes this machine since a recent conversation with the support department made reference to "the manufacturer". Janome has joined other manufacturers in eliminating their phone numbers from their website opting for email conversations instead. I've often viewed this as "give your money and don't bother me". Other than that the machine's performance is good.

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