The Lettering module gives you the ability to enhance your embroidery designs with Text by using any of the available Pre-digitized fonts that were made from professional digitizers. Place text on a straight or curved line that you can adjust its position and curvature dynamically. Use the text alignment tools to position the text exactly where you want it to be, and if you want, remove also the stitches that connect the characters, automatically. Colorize your text by selecting the exact thread that you will use and when you are ready you can even post an image of your creation directly into your Facebook account.

Buy Lettering Module   20 Fonts

Buy Lettering module

You can easily buy the new Lettering Module as an in-app purchase by clicking on the puzzle icon at the top and following the dialog. The module includes 20 pre-digitized fonts and is available for $49.99.

Lettering with 20 high quality pre-digitized scalable fonts

Select any of the available pre-digitized fonts and create beautiful, high quality text art designs. The fonts were made from professional embroiderers to keep the quality in the highest standards.
Text on Line   Insert Text

Place text on 2-point line

An easy way to place text on an angle is to use the 2 point line text insertion method. It allows you to specify the line where you want the text to be placed on and then type the text directly on the line. Afterwards you can adjust its angle by dragging any of the two available handles.

Insert Standard text

Add normal text like you do on any text editor by tapping on the position you want and typing your text. Create beautiful text art designs in no time.
Align Text   Remove Stitches

Text Alignment

You can specify the text alignment (Left, Right or Center) easily and position it exactly where you want to be placed. Text position adjustments cannot be easier.

Remove Stitches between Letters

Whenever you add text in your designs you have the ability to remove the stitches between the characters or leave them there for productivity reasons.
Text on Arc   Change Thread Color

Place any text design on Arc

Lettering module gives you the ability to place text on a curve and adjust its curvature with 3 point handles. After placing the text you can change its alignment to Left, Right or Center. Create beautiful text art designs in no time.

Change the thread color of text

With a tap you can change the thread color of the text art design you have created by selecting any of the currently used colors in the design or any from the available thread color palettes.

Lettering Module Features List

  • Place any text design on an Arc that is defined with 3 Points
  • Place text on a 2 point line
  • Insert standard text exactly where you want.
  • Text align text to Left, Center or Right.
  • Add thread trims between characters
  • Lettering with 12 pre-digitized high quality scalable fonts
  • Change Text thread color
  • 1000 free embroidery designs
Lettering Module
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