Horizon Quilt Maker Memory Craft 15000 New Features


Ruler Quilting

Expand your quilting options and take advantage of the wide array of precision templates on the market for ruler-guided quilting. Engage the Ruler Work mode in Sewing Applications and use the new Ruler Work foot (QR) to safely follow along the guiding edge of precision cut templates. Achieve beautiful and consistent quilting design results  previously only available to longarm quilters.

Quarter Inch Foot without Guide

Quilters know that a precise quarter inch seam is the key to precision-pieced patterns. Personal preference often dictates the just-right pairing of sewist and accessory foot to achieve those results. The new flangeless Quarter Inch foot removes the guide from Janome's traditional O foot for improved visibility and exact seam placement.


Variable Zig Zag open toe foot

The new open toe Variable Zigzag (VZZ) foot (QZ) makes it easy to follow your stitch progress when using this unique Janome function. See precisely where you wish to widen or narrow your zig zag stitch with the hands-free adjustment of the knee lifter. 

Professional Grade Foot and Needle Plate

Experience industrial-style precision sewing of curves and top-stitching with the unique Professional Grade foot and needle plate combination. Inspired by the narrow gauge of industrial accessory feet and the ideal conditions of straight stitching from the left  needle position, the HP foot offers superior visibility and control. The added benefit of being able to sew precise quarter-inch seams with this foot makes it a winning addition to the quilter's tool box. 


AcuSketch App

Craft original embroidery and quilting designs with the touch of a finger using the exclusive AcuStitch app. Work with a blank canvas or trace over your favorite photos or children's drawings to create limitless straight-stitch designs for truly personal embroideries. Enjoy the power of quilting with embroidery by turning a doodle into a quilt design that you can repeat over multiple blocks. Send designs wirelessly to save on your 15000. Fun for all ages. 

Light Bar Progress Indicator

The attractive detail of the 15000's multi-color light bar takes on a new level of functionality as the light can now be used as a visual guide to design completion. Track the progress of a design by the movement of the light within the bar on the face of the machine. 


Tapered Stitch Mode

Add precise detail to your next project with the enhanced tapering stitch function. Top-stitching, applique or cornering can now benefit from the professional degree of finishing that a tapered stitch can provide. Choose from a broad selection of taper-ready stitches, set the desired stitch angle and number of pattern repeats or mirror image a design to suit your sewing needs. 

AcuStitch Tool

Convert select ordinary stitches into embroidery stitches and arrange them along precisely sized lines and circles with perfection. Eliminate the guesswork of trying to calculate the necessary number of pattern repeats to beautifully outline and enhance circular motifs. 


Owner Reviews

Everyday Surprises

Carol C.

The best thing about the Horizon 15000 is that it is a Janome! It is quiet, but don't let its soft sound fool you...this machine is a sewing beast! There is NOTHING it can't handle, and I've put it through the ringer...from leather appliqué to mending tents. The embroidery is flawless, the quilting is superb, and normal sewing is a breeze. I try something new every day and it continues to surprise and delight me. Best machine EVER!

Amazing Machine

Debbie P.

I love my 15000. It does more than I can imagine and I'm learning new things all the time. It sews beautiful stitches and everything I do looks so professional. I had an 11000 prior, and the updates and features on this new machine are amazing. It's well thought out, planned, and designed. I'm a very happy customer.

Love my 15000

Carolyn G.

Let me begin by saying I have been a Janome user since the 8000. The progression to the 15000 included the 9000, 10000, 11000 and 11000SE. I also went from Scan N Sew to Customizer, Digitizer and presently have the MBX5. To me the 15000 with wifi capabilities was a no brainier. My sewing skills vary from clothing, quilting, crafting, home deco and embroidery. The 15000 meets all those needs. It is a workhorse and a joy to sew with. It’s great working with the AcuMonitor, AcuSetter and AcuEdit Apps.

Bringing Your Creative Vision To Life


Embroider Like Never Before

Create larger and more thread-intensive embroidery in a single design layout, import and combine designs for a total stitch count of up to 200,000, and stitch out at up to 1,000 stitches per minute. 

Wireless connectivity plus Useful Apps
for Your Sewing

The Horizon Memory Craft 15000's built-in wireless connectivity capabilities make it easy to transfer designs, fine-tune embroidery placement and monitor your stitching! With Janome's collection of Apps, you can edit and monitor your embroidery from anywhere.

Must Have Features

AcuFeed Flex™ System

Embroidery Area


Quick Change Needle Plate


Presser Foot Lift

11" Sewing Space

Automatic Built-In Needle Threader

Made with the Designer in Mind


Great Embroidery Capability

With 480 built-in embroidery designs that give you a wide range of styles and motifs for all types of projects, and 5 standard hoops from the GR Hoop to the tiny Free Arm Hoop, the Horizon Memory Craft 15000 has made embroidery easier than ever.

Big Quilt? No Problem!

Could you use a little more quilting room? The HMC15000 has the largest workspace on any Memory Craft with a 17.25” bed and 11” to the right of the needle. 

AcuFeed™ Flex

Janome's exclusive AcuFeed™ Flex fabric feeding system moves layers of your project together under the needle with perfect precision from both the top and bottom. Enjoy this great feature with thick fabrics, quilts and more. 

Free Motion Quilting

Whether finishing your project, or just adding a small detail, Free Motion Quilting is effortless with a selection of four different accessory feet and the friction-free table and bobbin surfaces that the HMC15000 offers. Your stitching will be smooth and even every time, giving you a work of fabric art that is uniquely yours.


See Your Work with New Clarity

There’s extensive LED lighting for a shadow-free work space. For even greater illumination in the needle area, pull out the High Light™. It works in conjunction wiht the AcuView™ magnifying system, which includes 3 lenses of varying strengths. 

Create and Edit Your Own Custom Stitches

Design original decorative stitches from scratch, using the updated Stitch Composer™. It’s easier than ever, and you can use your new creation just like a built-in stitch, altering length and width and adding it to combinations.

One Step Needle
Plate Conversion

When using lightweight fabrics or piecing quilts, a straight stitch needle plate makes all of the difference. Simply push the lever to release the plate and snap a new one in place with no screws or tools necessary.

Design on a Bigger, More Vivid Touchscreen

The biggest screen in the industry! With 16,000,000 colors and a full 800 x 480 pixel resolution, the high definition 9” touchscreen is like working with your favorite tablet computer.


Stitches & Extras

Choose from 510 different stitches, 13 buttonholes, 11 fonts and 480 Built-in Embroidery Designs
(1,000+ with AcuDesign, included App).  


 AcuView™ Magnifying System

Cloth Guide 


Included Accessories

Imagine It, Then Create It


Tabletop Zen

Jam Jar Covers

Sea Glass Quilt

Reverie Quilt

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