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  • 4/29/2021

    Janome Makers are amazing! They constantly try out new ways to use all of the features on their Janome machines and come up with fresh ideas to share. Maker Danielle Amato has many videos on the Janome YouTube channel featuring different projects that are geared towards garment sewing. In this tutorial, Danielle uses the Janome Artistic Digitizer software to upcycle a crewneck with fun applique and fabric scraps! 

    I have been absolutely loving my Skyline S9. This week I finally decided to get into the appliqué side of what this machine can do. Thanks to the help of Janome's Artistic Digitizer, this was such an easy and fun way to update an old crewneck.


    Creating the Applique File


    The first thing I did, was type out the word I wanted on my sweatshirt, into the Artistic Digitizer software. Because who doesn't love coffee enough to put it on your sweatshirt?


    After I typed out the word, I picked the font that I liked and I curved it to look more like collegiate lettering.

    Since my hoop is only 5.5" wide, I have to resize my image to be the width that I want on the chest of the sweatshirt. Once I sized the full image to how big I want it on the sweatshirt, I split the design in half and put it on two separate hoop files. When I go to appliqué the sweatshirt, I will do the first half of the word, and then re-hoop the sweatshirt and do the second half of the word (more on this later)


    Once I do that, I go over to the sidebar under "Fill" and select "Applique". I also select "Fix Satin" to give that satin-edged look around the letters. You will now see that the letters changed from a complete satin fill to the look of fabric with sating stitching around the letters. I can now send the files over to my machine.


    Hooping the Sweatshirt

    First, I marked 3" down from the neckband, made a cross mark. Folding the sweatshirt in half, matching shoulders, I found the center front line and marked. These marks will be the guidelines for when I hoop the sweatshirt.


    The first step in the appliqué file will outline the placement of the appliqué. Once this is stitched out, you can then place the fabric you would like on top of it. Make sure that the fabric piece is larger than the outline.


    Once your fabric is placed, the next step is to tack down the fabric.


    Once the fabric is tacked down, carefully cut the excess fabric as close to the stitching line as you can.

    After this, the next step for the machine is to create the satin edge.

    This process will repeat for each letter.


    After I finished the first half of the word, I re-hooped the sweatshirt and repeated this process for the second half. The final result is a great top that you will wear often! You can use this technique to add your personal touch to garments, bags, quilts, and home decor! 



    We are excited to announce that for the month of May you can get a month free to try out Janome Artistic Digitizer! You can register for this trial through May 15th! The trial ends on May 31, 2021. This offer is only good for Janome America and Janome Canada. 

  • 4/27/2021

    Welcome back to the Janome Rainbow Quilt Block of the Month 2021! designed by Janome Maker Carolina Oneta

    This month is Block 3, The Churn Dash Block. The Churn Dash Block originated around 1800-1845. As with many other blocks, it is based on what was in the homes and lives of the creators. This simple 9 patch block was one of the first to be learned by young girls also has many other names including Broken Plate and Monkey Wrench.  Carolina shows how you can take a traditional block and make it modern with the fabrics that you choose! 




    White background

    · One 7” square

    . One strip 2.5” x 18”



    . One strip 2.5” x 18”



    · One  7” square

    · One  4.5” square



     Make four half-square triangles.

    • Place a white and orange fabric square right sides together.
    • Sew a 1/4″ seam allowance all around the perimeter of the square.
    • Make two diagonal cuts and press each piece open to one side.
    • Trim away the dog ears using a square quilting ruler, you will obtain 4 - 4.5” half square triangles.


    • Sew the two long strips of fabric, right sides together.
    • Next, cut your sewn strip of fabrics into four equal parts 4.5”. Press these units to the dark side.
    • Join all rows according to the diagram below. Use a quarter-inch seam allowance.




    Press your completed block and trim down to 12.5″ square.


    If you are just joining in, please be sure to make Block One and Block Two on the Janome Blog! 



    After you finish your block, please be sure to share a photo on your social media! We love to see what you are creating! 

    Janome Sewing Classroom on Facebook




    Be sure to use the hashtags:

    #janomemakes + #rainbowquiltBOM2021 also,  tag @janomeamerica and @carolina_oneto!






  • 3/24/2021


    How to Make a Sewing Machine Organizer 






    Helping keep your sewing tools handy helps to keep your sewing time more efficient! Janome Artisan Maday Delgado from Sustainable Textiles Designs created a fantastic solution and tutorial using the limited edition 100 Anniversary Janome fabric!

    I’m so excited to share this easy sewing room organizer with you and I can’t believe it took me eleven years to make one! I used the Accuquilt Go cutting system to streamline the fabric cutting process. I also included two rulers that you can use instead, to create hexagons and triangles.

    With this organizer, you will have all of your favorite sewing notions visibly at your fingertips, maintain a tidy sewing table and celebrate Janome’s 100th anniversary. This project can be adapted to fit into any room or make into a table mat or larger quilt.



     Helpful Hints:

    I used 1/8” and ¼” seams throughout this project and ironed seams to the side.

    When you work with hexagons or half-hexagons, it helps to stitch units in rows vs a completed block, to avoid y-seams.

    Stitch length – 2 – 2.2”

    The triangles in this project are equilateral (all sides are equal). The stitching sequence is the same no matter what side we choose.

    Adjust the vinyl size if you would like to create deeper pockets.


    4 assorted color fat quarters or scraps

    Janome 100th Anniversary fabric – half a yard

    GO! Half Hexagon-4 1/2" Sides (4 1/4" Finished) Die

    GO! Equilateral Triangle-4 1/2" Sides (4 1/4" Finished) Die

    Quilt in a Day 60-degree Equilateral triangle Ruler (8 ½”) – Optional

    Hex N More Ruler by Jaybird Quilts – Optional

    Book – Simplicity by Gyleen Fitzgerald – Optional

    Clear vinyl or favorite color (7.5”x22”)

    Batting (28” square)

    Backing fabric (28” square)

    Coordinating 50wt cotton thread for top and bobbin

    Clips/fine pins

    Organ needle 90/14

    Machine Used

    Janome Continental M7 - with hp 1/4” foot/hp needle plate

    Cut triangles and half-hexagons (HH) using AccuQuilt dies

    6 Janome fabric triangles and HH, 6 triangles of print 2 (hearts), 6 triangles of print 3 (light blue), 3 HH of print 4 (dark blue), 3 HH of print 5 (geometrical cream)

    Make 6 units  – Join triangle and HH as shown below 



    When you have all of the pieces cut, arrange them on your design wall or on any flat surface to make sure you are happy with the layout.

    Taking a photo helped me to visualize the pieces that were out of order.



    Make 6 of the following unit – the triangle die, cuts perfect dog ears, matching the corners has never been easier.


    Add 3 dark blue HH to 3 of the above units and 3 geometrical cream HH to the remaining 3. Stitch the half-hexagons to print 2 (hearts). See below



    The finished large triangle units (60-degree equilateral triangle), are comprised of 3 triangles and 2 HH each.

    Stitch units in the order below, as rows. You will have two rows. The vinyl will be attached to most of the bottom row to create a pocket with compartments for tools.


    Use 1/8” seam allowance to stitch vinyl to the lower half of the hexagon and two sides. Pin using fine pins to hold it in place.




    Using the top as a guide, trim backing, and batting to the same size. Place organizer top and backing RST, batting on the bottom. Use pins or clips to keep layers together.




    Leave a 5” opening to turn the organizer right side out. It helps if the opening is left on the side that does not have the extra layer of vinyl.


    Push all corners carefully out after turning and topstitch 1/8” or ¼” from the edges.

    If you need to press the organizer, I recommend carefully ironing from the backside as to not melt the vinyl.



     Now you are ready to stitch/create the pockets of the organizer that will best accommodate the sewing tools you use regularly.



    Your organizer is ready to enjoy! As you can see below, it makes the perfect centerpiece for small tables as well.


    I recommended a book, under the supply list, that I think you would enjoy from an artist that loves to work with polygons. If you are curious about working with interesting shapes, this book will surely delight you.


    Happy Making!



  • 3/22/2021

    Welcome back to the Janome Rainbow Quilt Block of the Month designed by Janome Maker Carolina Oneta! We hope you had fun making Block One in this delightful Block of the Month! 



    This month we will make our second block, the Economy Block. The Economy Block is also known as a Square in a Square Block. The solid version is gorgeous but it is also a fun block to add a fussy cut in the center! 

    All the blocks in the Rainbow Quilt Block of the Month 2021will have a finished size of 12” finished so that means the unfinished size will be 12 1/2."

    Fabric Requirements:

     White background

    · Two 7” squares

    Light Pink (center)     

    · One 6 1/2” square

     Dark Pink

    · One  7 1/2” square






    • From the 7.5″ square cut corner to corner to create (4) triangles.
    • From the two 7″ squares, cut each square on diagonal to create (4) triangles

    Center the long edge of two of the smaller triangles on opposite sides of the center square and sew using a 1/4″ seam. Triangle tips will overhang the outside edges of the square.


    I recommend that to make sure that your triangles are centered, fold the long edge in half and make a little crease with your fingernails at the center. Do the same on all four sides of the center square. Match up crease marks to easily center the triangle.

    Press seams toward the outside triangles. Trim dog-ears. Repeat the process with the remaining 2 triangles, pressing seams toward the outside.


    Repeat the same process with the final 4 triangles, sewing two sides, pressing toward the outside, sew the remaining 2 triangles, press.



    Trim your block if it is necessary to 12.5” x 12.5”


    After you finish your block, please be sure to share a photo on our social media!

    Janome Sewing Classroom on Facebook




    Be sure to use the hashtags 

    #janomemakes + #rainbowquiltBOM2021 and tag @janomeamerica! 



















  • 2/22/2021


    Welcome to the Janome Rainbow Quilt Block of the Month 2021! 


    Are you ready for a fun and colorful Block of the Month that will add brightness to your sewing, give you a great reason to try new techniques, and, perhaps, even accomplish some scrap busting! Janome Maker Carolina Oneto has put together a delightful variety of blocks just for you! 




    Hello! I am Carolina Oneto, Chilean Quilter living in Brazil and a new Janome maker, for more than 6 years I worked with Janome Chile and now I’m so happy to be a part of the amazing team of Janome makers for Janome America. I am very excited to present you with this beautiful project that we have planned together with Janome! Every month, for 12 months, the instructions to make a 12 ”block (finished size) and by the beginning of next year, you will have all the blocks ready to build this beautiful Rainbow Quilt!  

     Whether you are a quilter with experience or a beginner, you will love this project! The final measurements of the quilt are 44 ”x 58” (110 cm x 145 cm)


     What materials will you need?

     Rotary cutter

     Cutting mat

     Quilter’s ruler



     Sewing machine 

     Walking foot and 1/4” foot

     Clips for binding

     Neutral colored sewing threads (beige or gray)


    The fabrics needed to make the Rainbow Quilt BOM:

     1.- White Color: 1 1/2 yards

     2.- Beige or light gray color(for sashing) or could be white too: 1 yard

     3.- Fabrics of various colors (yellow, orange, red, pink, fuchsia, purple, light blue, blue, light green, dark green, etc.) must be a total of 2,5 yards of fabric.        For example 12” x WOF or 1 fat quarter of each color.

     4.- Back fabric: 3,5 yards 

     5.- Batting: 2 yards

     6.- Binding fabric (bias): 24-inch x WOF


    You can use solids or patterned fabrics! you can use the colors you want.

    The key requirement is that the fabrics need to be 100% cotton.


    All the blocks will have a finished size of 12” square, so that means the unfinished size will be a 12 1/2” square.



    Are you ready to hop right in with the first block! Let's make the classic Maple Leaf quilt block. 








     White background

     ·cut 2 squares of 4 1/2 ”

    Cut 2 squares of 5 1/4”


     Leaf Color (green)· cut 3 squares 4 1/2 ”

    Cut 2 squares 5 1/4”



    Cut 1 ”x 8” rectangle



    Block Assembly

    Match up two of the larger size 5 1/4″ x 5 1/4″ leaf squares and background squares and place them right sides together. We are going to use these to make 4 Half Square Triangle blocks.

    Draw a diagonal line on the back of one of the squares and sew a 1/4″ seam allowance along both sides of the drawn line.





    Rotary cut both squares on the drawn diagonal line to get 4 Half Square Triangle blocks. Square-up the HST blocks to 4 1/2″ x 4 1/2″).

    Press seams toward the dark fabric.






    Cut the remaining large background square in half on the diagonal to create two triangles. Fold rectangle strip in half vertically and finger press to find the center. Fold triangles in half along the longest edge and finger press to mark the center.


    Line up the center crease of one triangle with the center crease on one side of the rectangle and sew in place. Repeat with the opposite triangle.

    Square up triangle to 4 1/2”





    Layout the remaining squares, half-square triangle, and stem square to form your leaf.

    Sew squares together into three rows. Press seams open.

    Sew rows together and press seams open.



    And VOILÁ! I hope you enjoy this first block! 


    After you finish your block, please be sure to share a photo on our social media!

    Janome Sewing Classroom on Facebook




    Be sure to use the hashtags 

    #janomemakes + #rainbowquiltBOM2021



    Join Carolina right here, the last Tuesday of each month for the next Rainbow Quilt Block of the Month 2021!




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