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  • 8/22/2018

    It’s that time of year when you start looking forward to crisp air, a crunchy apple,
    the start of school and a new teacher. This very quick and easy little pin, from designer Sarah Ann Smith, took less than an hour and just a few supplies. It's also a great way to practice your applique! Make yours with the free pattern here. 

  • 8/13/2018

    We're so excited to welcome our newest Artisan to Janome America, Robert Mahar! He's an artist, designer, and all around crafty individual. (If he looks familiar, it may be because you've seen him on NBC's Making It.) We can't wait to see what he'll be stitching up this year on his Janome 6700P!

    You can read his official bio below, but we thought it'd be more fun to ask some more unique questions to get to know him a little better! Robert recently sat down (via the internet) with Janome Marketing assistant, Erin, for a little interview. Here's part of our conversation, which now has Erin wanting to Google chilaquiles recipes!

    Robert's Bio:
    Robert Mahar is an artist and designer who develops and teaches imaginative crafts and clever do-it-yourself projects through high-quality video tutorials and in-person workshops. He is also a contestant on the new NBC creative competition show Making It.  The crafty content he develops and presents to his YouTube viewers, online audience and workshop attendees is often rooted in nostalgia.  His talent for reinventing old-school crafts with a decidedly modern twist is evident in the gift line he continues to develop with Knock Knock and has gained him a loyal following.

    With an education in studio arts and art history, he has worked in a variety of creative fields including 13 years as an appraiser of modern and contemporary art. When he’s not working in his downtown Los Angeles studio, Robert obsesses over vintage craft books and schemes ways to make it big as a doughnut connoisseur.

    Visit Robert at his siteYouTubeInstagram, or Pinterest!

  • 8/8/2018

    Send your favorite child back to school in style with a custom lunch tote! Pick favorite fabrics, a sweet embroidery design that showcases their personality, and make a lunch tote using Fairfield Solarize to keep everything inside cool and insulated until lunch time! Find the instructions on how to make your own here

  • 7/24/2018

    Have some jeans sitting around? Maybe the knees are terribly torn or the bottom hem is just a little too frayed? Join Trish from Trish Stitched and turn those boring jeans into brand new cuffed shorts!

    Then add some fun embroidery to one of the pockets for an extra fashionable touch! (HINT: If you have one of our WiFi enabled machines like the Skyline S9 or the Horizon Quiltmaker Memory Craft 15000, use the FREE AcuSetter app to take a photo of the pocket IN the hoop, place the image directly where you want it, then send the exact placement directly to the machine!) Check out the project instructions here and view the video below for a quick recap of the instructions! 

  • 7/11/2018

    Hello Erika! We're so excited that Erika is joining our team of talented designers! She'll be sewing up projects on the Janome 9400QCP this year!

    Here's an intro from Erika:

    "When I graduated from college in 2006 my husband and mother in law gave me a sewing machine. At the time I had no idea just what an amazing gift that would be. It was a Janome DC3018 and I loved that machine more than I ever imagined! It sewed for miles and miles before I wore it right out! I come from a long line of sewists. My grandmothers both made clothes for themselves and their children, and growing up I watched my mom make so many things for us kids. She even made my wedding dress. But it wasn't until I was pregnant with my first daughter who was born in 2009 that I really got the sewing itch myself. And as soon as I started to scratch it, there was no turning back.

    Over the last ten years I've made just a little bit of everything. Hundreds of quilts (quite literally), dresses and skirts for my longer than average girl. I've made dozens of buttonup shirts and skirts and even a few pairs of jeans! I've made most every kind of bag there is, plus bedding and curtains and mending, which is no one's favorite thing to make.

    My favorite things to make are quilts. I typically make between 15-30 every year, many of which I keep in stacks and piles around my house, and a couple on every bed. I also enjoy making clothes that will fit my daughter, she is an unusual size and it is always a struggle to find skirts and dresses that are long enough. I have a list of projects a mile long, and I hope that before the end of this year I can knock a few off the list, plus possibly clean up enough of the sewing room floor that I can vacuum the whole floor at the same time."

    Be sure to check back on Monday for a super fun skill-building project made by her and her daughter as part of our Summer Sewing Camp Series!

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